Lembang Asri Resort is specially designed for companies outbound training, games and gathering as well as many other outdoor activities such as

  • Team building
  • Land Rover Adventure
  • ATV & ATV Touring
  • Motocross
  • Air Bike
  • Flying Fox
  • Paint ball
  • Shooting target
  • Archery

If you dream of a quiet relaxing place or in need of tranquil get away, please come to us as guests and leave us as friends.

Definition Team Building

Team building is a group activity that has a high interaction to improve the productivity of employees in completing tasks especially those with interdependence with others through a series of activities designed carefully to achieve predetermined goals (Robbins, 2003; Spector, 2000; Johnson & Johnson, 2000). Based Johnson and Johnson (2000) and Robbins (2003), to adjust the goals and the specific problems faced by the team, the activities are usually done in team building is stressed in

certain activities or all of the following activities:
Preparation of targets aimed at overcoming differences in the perception of the team's goals, evaluate the effectiveness of the team in setting priorities and achieving goals, identify areas that could potentially be a problem.

Developing interpersonal relationships among team members. In Logan and Stokes (2004), the competencies required is empathy, effective communication, social awareness, relationship building, leadership and collaboration.

Analysis of the role that aims to clarify and identify the role of each member of the team, to rethink about their real job, and the specific tasks that they are expected to do.

Analysis of the team process is done by analyzing the key processes that take place in the team to identify ways of working and how this process can be improved to make the team more effective.

Ability to adapt to changing conditions and demands. According to Logan and Stokes (2004), among other competencies needed is flexibility and the ability of the team to solve problems in a structured or by following the format of critical thinking. Although it has a purpose and a variety of ways, Buller (1986, in Spector, 2000) states that there are three characteristics of team building, namely:
1. Team building is a planned activity that consists of one or more training or experience that is designed to achieve a particular goal.
2. Team building is usually facilitated by a qualified consultant or trainer, and it would be difficult for the team to carry it out if the trainer is part of the experience.
3. Team building usually involves a team where team members have an involvement in the work of each


Games remain oriented Compactness, Togetherness And the ultimate goal is clear and definite that must be achieved. But how and Games will be given, in dire need of Courage And Concentration
Looks Like

  • ATV / ATV Touring
  • Motocross
  • Flying Fox
  • Air Bike
  • Paint ball
  • Shooting target
  • Archery
  • Sibolang

Games are much oriented on Team Building Work solid, teamwork, togetherness etc. Her game type is - Team Building That Has Objective Definitely / thing to be achieved by the Company Shape and type activity is Diverse, But Has the destination remains clear and definite Name and type game was also adjusted with the desire committee / executive Lembang Asri Outbound Has Some Type Games include:

  • Ball war
  • Bartender Race
  • All About Fifteen
  • Hat Water
  • Crazy stick
  • Love Takraw
  • Save your water
  • Blind Train


More oriented towards games that are more or Fun for fun, not too serious, but still does not rule out unity, cohesiveness, and the final destination, Types of Games Fun Games

Examples of fun & traditional games

  • Clogs Race
  • Sack race
  • Tug of war
  • Gebug cushions